Town of Rico
March 2002 Newsletter

Rico Renaissance MOU Oversight Committee

At the March 20, 2002 Regular Town Board Meeting the Mayor and Board of Trustees by formal motion decided to appoint an oversight committee to cooperate with Strategic Design Group in developing a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in respect to Rico Renaissance. The Rico Renaissance MOU Committee will be comprised of two members from the Town Board, two members from the Planning Commission, and two members from the general public. The Rico Renaissance MOU Committee plans to meet the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month at 6 PM at the Town Hall. The meetings will be conducted as informal work sessions. All meetings are open to the public.

Both the Rico Town Board and Strategic Design Group highly desire input from the public regarding a MOU with Rico Renaissance. If any person is unable to attend a committee meeting, please send your questions, concerns, remarks, etc. in writing to the following address:

Town of Rico
ATTN: Rico Renaissance MOU Oversight Committee
PO Box 56
Rico, CO 81332

The Rico Town Board is also seeking to appoint two members from the public to sit on the Rico Renaissance MOU Committee at the April 17, 2002 Regular Town Board Meeting. Interested persons should submit a brief letter of interest to the Town Clerk.

The Rico Renaissance MOU Committee is an advisory board to the Town Board and Planning Commission.

New Street Maintenance Equipment

Dennis has a new “toy” for snow removal. It is a used, mid-range dump/plow truck. The Town obtained the new equipment at a great price. Its true worth will be realized when it snows—maybe next winter.

Rico Courthouse Restoration Project

The Rico Courthouse Restoration project should begin soon. The contract between the State Historical Society and the Town is still in the development stages.

San Juan Skyway Project

Currently, the Town of Rico is participating in a regional planning grant to preserve the visual corridor along the San Juan Skyway. Ouray County, San Miguel County, Montezuma County, and San Juan County are the other participants. This project is the first step in preserving open space in and near the vicinity of our town. Once the Town and the other regional participants have a good plan in place, we will have the ability to lobby the State and the U.S. Congress for protection funding. (For example, the Red Mountain Task Force has obtained $4.6 million for 2002 from Congress in their efforts to preserve 10,000 acres of endangered San Juan Mountain high country.)

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission will now meet the last Tuesday of each month beginning at 6:30 PM.

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