Town of Rico
April 2002 Newsletter

Rico Renaissance MOU Advisory Committee

The Rico Renaissance MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) Advisory Committee is beginning to make progress toward developing an agreement with Rico Renaissance regarding future development. The Rico Renaissance MOU Advisory Committee meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 6 PM at the Town Hall. The committee is made up of two appointees from the Town Board, two appointees from the Planning Commission, and two appointees from the general public. The meetings are conducted as work sessions and are open to the public.

Excavation Permits

The Town of Rico would like to remind everyone to obtain an excavation permit before digging or storing materials such as gravel on town streets and/or right-of-ways. Please contact Dennis Swank (967-2861) before conducting any excavation.

Potential New Structure in Historic Commercial District

At the April 17, 2002 Regular Board Meeting the Town Board approved the architectural design on a proposal to construct a temporary building in the Historic Commercial Zone District. The proposed use of the building is a tavern. A public hearing will be conducted in the near future regarding a liquor license and other issues related to the proposal.

Courthouse Restoration

The contract between the State Historical Society and the Town of Rico finally arrived. The contract process has been typical. First, the state sends three copies of an unsigned contract to the town. Next, town officials sign all three copies and submits them back to the state. Appropriate state officials then sign the copies and resubmits one copy of the contract with all signatures back to the town. In short, the town cannot begin work until it receives a copy of the contract with the signatures of state officials.

Water Taps and Silverglance Subdivision

The town charges a $6,200 fee for water taps. The $6,200 water tap fee does not include the cost of installation. The town is planning to conduct a facts & findings hearing at the May 2002 Regular Town Board Meeting regarding the payment and non-payment of water tap installation charges in the Silverglance Subdivision. All interested Silverglance Subdivision residents are encouraged to attend.

Town Marshal

The town marshal should be on board in May. There has been some delay in having the town marshal begin work because of insurance reasons. The town will also need to equip the marshal’s vehicle with a radar and radio. The town is anxious to begin enforcing traffic, especially speeding.

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