Town of Rico

May 2003




Rico Courthouse Restoration Project Begins


Rico Mercantile Building


Rico Courthouse Restoration Project

Phase I of the Rico Courthouse Restoration Project has finally started. Klinke & Lew, the restoration contractors working on the project, hope to complete Phase I by this Fall. The Town also has pending grant applications with the State Historical Fund and the Department of Local Affairs for Phase II funding.


Phase I of the Rico Courthouse Restoration is being funded by the State Historical Fund.

Rico Mercantile Restoration Project


The Town has received a $200,000 grant from the State Historical Fund to restore the Rico Mercantile Building and assist the owner, Mila Mitchell, open a grocery store. A start date has not been established.




“Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are.”

- Theodore Roosevelt

Central Wastewater Project


A public hearing regarding a rezoning application submitted by the Town to site a wastewater treatment facility will be held on Tuesday, May 27th, at 6:30 PM at the Town Hall.


Amendments to Rico Land Use Code Adopted by the Town Board


The Town Board adopted amendments to the Rico Land Use Code after conducting a second public hearing held on April 16th.


Changes to the Rico Land Use Code include the following areas:


        Enactment of parking restrictions for excess weight vehicles on Town rights-of-way

        Enactment of more detailed fence regulations in the Historic Commercial Zone District

        Codification of Historic Landmark Preservation ordinances

        Administrative amendments and clarifications in Article V Subdivisions

        Enactment of provisions governing the expiration of subdivision approvals

        Enactment of a new Article VIII Environmental Development Regulations, which incorporates the former sections 450 et. seq. and establishes more detailed wetland protection regulations and flood plain damage prevention regulations.







Town Receives Historic Preservation Award


The Fort Lewis College Center for Southwest Studies has awarded the Town and the Rico Historical Society the 2003 Historic Preservation Award for their achievements in planning and preservation of key historic structures.


Water Tank to Get New Coat of Paint


The Town is planning to paint the exterior and interior of one of the three water tanks. This is an expensive project due to the nature of the paint—water soluble and lead-based paints are not acceptable. Periodic maintenance of the water tanks is needed to prevent corrosive forces from destroying them.


Water User Agreement with Dolores Water Conservancy District


The Town has finalized a draft water user agreement with the Dolores Water Conservancy District. In a related matter, the Town Board has approved $10,000 to assist the Dolores Water Conservancy District with the test drilling of alluviums north of Town. If viable, these alluviums can help Town meet its long-term water supply goals.


2002 Budget Audit


The Town is required by State law to have its budget audited every year by an independent auditor. Johnson, Holscher & Company, P.C. are the Town’s new auditors. The audit should be completed by the end of May.

Welcome Back Dave and Sue!


Memorial Day


Town Hall will be closed Monday, May 26th, in observance of Memorial Day.


Meeting Times


The Town Board meets regularly the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM.


The Planning Commission meets regularly the last Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM.



Friendly Reminder: All dogs are required to be registered with the Town. Contact Linda Yellowman (970) 967-2861 to obtain dog tags. Proof of vaccination is required.


Friendly Reminder: All dogs are required to be connected to the owner by a leash if not on the property of the owner. The Town has begun enforcing the recently adopted leash law.


Friendly Reminder: The Town has begun enforcement action to remove abandoned vehicles. Ordinance 277, Section 4.N, reads: “Removal of inoperable or abandoned vehicle. Any inoperable and abandoned vehicle, or any abandoned vehicle, parked out of doors on any lot or piece of ground in the Town of Rico not removed from the town within thirty (30) days after the expiration of its registration, as determined by examining the license plate on the exterior of the vehicle, is a nuisance.”


An inoperable vehicle is “Any automobile, truck or self-propelled vehicle incapable of moving under its own power and which lacks a valid current license plate or does not comply with the minimum safety requirements of the Colorado Motor Vehicle Law.”


Friendly Reminder: The Town has incorporated new parking regulations into the Rico Land Use Code. Boats, boat trailers, tractors, trailers, semi-trailers, motor homes, buses and detached/dismounted campers shall not park on any public right-of-way or road way for longer than seventy-two (72) hours. The Town will seek legal action against the owners of such vehicles if it has to incur the tow costs.


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