Notice of Introductory Stakeholders Meeting for the Rico Watershed
Planning project concerning the Upper East Fork of the Dolores River.

The Town of Rico is scheduling an introductory Stakeholders meeting of the Rico Watershed Planning Project on Tuesday, August 24th, at 3:00 p.m., at the Rico Town Hall. This meeting is intended to review existing work performed on the Dolores River corridor in the Rico area and to introduce various consultants and stakeholders to the Rico Watershed Planning project and pending and future study efforts. The meeting will last until 6:30 when the Rico Planning Commission will meet with consultants and other interested parties. Please contact Eric Heil, Town Attorney/Planner, for additional information at (970) 967-5550 or by e-mail at

The following stakeholders are identified:

a. Town of Rico
b. Dolores County
c. Montezuma County
d. Residents/Public
e. Atlantic Richfield Corporation
f. Rico Renaissance/Rico Properties
g. Other private property owners
h. Dolores Water Conservancy District
i. Dolores River Planning Group
j. San Juan National Forest
k. Division of Wildlife
l. Army Corps of Engineers
m. Federal Emergency Management Association
n. Department of Local Affairs

o. Office of Community Services
p. Colorado Water Quality Control Division
q. Colorado Water Conservation Board
r. Colorado Department of Transportation
s. Rico Alpine Society
u. Trust for Land Restoration
v. Mountain Studies Institute
w. Trout Unlimited
x. Nature Conservancy
y. Trust for Public Land
aa. EPA Region VIII


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