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1926-today: Sulfuric acid plant and the recent renaissance

In 1926, Bob Pellet and the Rico Company began to revitalize the area mining industry, and in 1937 the Rico Argentine Mining Company constructed a new mill. A sulfuric acid plant brought better economic fortune from 1953 until 1965 when the mining industry shifted focus to lead and zinc ores up to 1971. Today Rico, population 200, is enjoying a period of renaissance. Many residents commute to nearby Telluride or work from their homes. Since 1939, the Enterprise has weathered dramatic changes, and still remains a focal point of the this community. Overlooking Rico from the surrounding mountains
The Engel Mercantile - still standing on Hwy 145
©Whit Richardson Photography
©Engel Collection
Historical information provided by Dara Kinsey of the Rico Sun-Times.