Mining structures still visible today

The Van Winkle Headframe, drawn by Ken Hazen

Van Winkle Headframe and Hoist Structure

These 2 adjacent structures are located on the northeastern edge of the town of Rico. Constructed in 1940-41 and operated until 1949 by the Rico Argentine Mining company as part of the Van Winkle Mine complex (copper, lead, zinc) they were important elements in the mining industry's contribution to the World War II effort.

Historical drawing by Ken Hazen.

Atlantic Cable Headframe and Hoist Structure

On the north edge of Rico, adjacent to Silver Creek, is the Atlantic Cable Headframe. Constructed by the Dolores Silver and Refining Company in 1898-1905, it was later modified in the early 1940's with electric lighting and corrugated metal roofing and siding. The structure serviced the Atlantic Cable Mine, considered to be one of the earliest (1878) and richest mines in the Rico Mining District. The early focus of this mine was on silver, but by 1907, this had changed to zinc. During World War II the focus was both lead and zinc.

The Atlantic Cable headframe and hoist
Photo provided by Dara Kinsey of the Rico Sun-Times.
Historical information provided by Laura Towne of the Rico Historical Society and Rico Telephone Company.


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