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Is the Hunting any good around Rico?

Article contributed by Brigitte Wilson.

Come hunting season, I can leave a comfortable bed & early breakfast in town and be in prime hunting habitat 20 minutes after getting in my truck. Depending on weather and other factors I can choose among high meadows, old growth spruce forest, upper drainages, open fields, south facing aspen and scrub-oak hillsides, river bottoms, and endless other terrain to find my Bull. Rico is literally surrounded by thousands and thousands of acres of National Forest and is adjacent to designated wilderness areas, which receive very little traffic due to the remote setting and only one highway. Dirt and 4x4 access roads give easy access to higher elevations and distant basins. Of course, that is for those who don't want to sweat too much. For energetic types, foot trails lead to some of the most productive, beautiful and otherwise inaccessible prime elk habitat anywhere. I could go on and on about how good the elk hunting is around here and give you all kinds of tips and advice, but I won't. Enough said.

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